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Choosing Between A Notebook And A Desktop

Choosing Between A Notebook And A Desktop

There are several things that you need to look into before you buy a computer. First, you need to take a closer look into your lifestyle and working habits. If you happen to be one of those people who are always on the go and travels a lot, it would be a good idea for you to get a laptop instead of a desktop computer. Although Presario desktop computers are very reliable, you cannot really expect to carry them around wherever you go. On the other hand, a Presario notebook is more portable than and just as powerful as the desktop computers. Traveling with a notebook is a lot more convenient than carry a whole set of desktop computer. Just imagine how inconvenient it would be if you pack your desktop computer and carry it with to the airport!

The second consideration that you need to look into when buying a computer is the purpose for which you want the computer for. If you are going to handle huge files and very complex programs, forget about the laptop or the notebook. Laptops or notebooks may be as powerful as the desktop computers but it they are not expandable. Yes you can always connect flash drives into the USB ports of your laptop but these things may not really have enough space for the kind of data that you want to store. Using a desktop therefore is more advantageous if you want to store big programs and files into your computer. Note that desktops will allow you to upgrade its processor and graphics card anytime so you will not really much problems when it comes to storage space and others.

The third consideration that you must look into when buying computers is the monitor. If you want to edit film or pictures and go some graphic designs on your computer, it would be a good idea for you to buy a desktop. A desktop will allow you to change your monitor anytime. Note that huge computer monitors like those Compaq monitors will help a lot when you make graphic designs or edit films.

The fourth consideration and perhaps the most important of all is your budget. Laptops are more expensive compared to desktops. A good laptop could easily cost you as much as twice the price of a desktop of more or less the same specifications. Why are laptops more expensive? Laptops are designed to be portable so the manufacturers have to use special types of computer parts. Since these special parts cost a lot of money, you end up dearly for them. Convenience does have its price so if you want to enjoy the convenience of using your computer anywhere you go, you just have to pay for it or get a desktop. Besides, a desktop is really not that bad. If you do not travel a lot, a desktop is more useful to you than a laptop.