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Laptop Workstations: Taking The 'lap' Out Of Laptop

Laptop Workstations: Taking The ‘lap’ Out Of Laptop

More and more office workers and students are turning in their traditional desktop computers for laptops. Offering mobility and the convenience of having only one computer, without the need to email files or save on flash drives, laptops are surpassing their heavier, bulkier, and more expensive cousins all over the world.

And just as we were starting to get this desktop computer ergonomics thing right. After years of OSHA guidelines and the development of the correct types of keyboard trays and tilting monitor arms, we go and decide to use a device that allows for none of that. So what now? Now that laptops are making the transition to being full-time computers instead of the once-in-a-while device we use when we aren’t at our “regular computers,” how do we make sure that all the problems associated with non-ergonomic computer use don’t come flooding back?

According to Cornell University, “laptops violate basic ergonomic design requirements, so using a laptop is a trade off between poor neck/head posture and poor hand/wrist posture.” That’s the bad news. What can we do to make sure we neutralize the poor ergonomics associated with laptops?

First, the best thing to do, is to modify your work station at home or the office to be ideal for both laptop use and ergonomics. We found a great laptop workstation from Versa Products, Inc. called the Versa Table. It allows the user to position the laptop, as suggested by experts at Cornell, on the desktop so that he/she may see the screen without bending his/her neck. The Versa Table has a height-adjustable desktop, so it’s perfect for almost any height. The folks at Cornell also suggest using a separate mouse and keyboard. The Versa Table has you covered there as well. You can add an articulating keyboard arm and an additional, adjustable platform especially for a mouse (the nice thing—it can be mounted to the left or right of the keyboard depending on whether you’re right or left-handed).

The Versa Table comes in various sizes—small ones fit nicely in dorm rooms or compact offices, while larger ones are ideal replacements for the typical office desk. They also come in six distinct color combinations to fit your room’s pre-existing color scheme.

The best accessory? Versa also offers a Lockable Laptop Drawer that allows the user to secure his/her laptop at the desk and leave with the key, knowing the laptop won’t be missing upon his/her return. The steel locking case is mounted to the underside of the Versa Table – or your own desk—and slides easily under the desktop for storage when not in use. In addition, the design of the locking drawer allows the user to charge his/her laptop while it’s locked away to maintain battery life.

As if that weren’t enough… the whole outfit can be put together with all the bells and whistles for under $500. As with all of Versa’s products and accessories, the Versa Table and aforementioned accessories carry a lifetime warranty and are shipped for free within in the contiguous United States.