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Lenovo Legion 7i Review – Best 16” Gaming Laptop in 2024?

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Cooling down Pad I check with:
Display Calibration – X-Rite i1 Display Pro:
RGB HDMI cords:

Examine Lenovo Myriad 7i Costs:

Lenovo Legion 7i (2024) Review Timestamps:
0:00 The Best 16″ Gaming Laptop of 2024?
0:15 Design & Build Quality
1:04 Size & Weight – Slightly Heavier
1:26 Laptop Specs
1:43 Keyboard & RGB Lighting
2:36 Touchpad & Fingerprint Scanner
2:53 Ports & Display Output Connection
4:30 Getting Inside & Internals
5:01 SSD, SD Card & Wi-Fi Speed
5:30 Better Upgrade Options!
5:53 Speakers & Latencymon
6:09 Battery Size & Power Saving Features
6:48 Battery Life Comparison
7:12 New Cooling Design & Performance Modes
9:05 Thermal Testing – Temperatures/ Clock Speed/ TDP
10:12 Battery Drain Under Load?.
10:32 Game Performance in Different Modes.
11:09 CPU Performance vs Others (On & Off Battery) in Cinebench.
12:24 Does it Feel Hot – Keyboard Temperatures.
13:00 Is it Loud – Fan Noise.
13:42 Thermals vs Last Year’s Slim 7i.
14:36 Screen Options – Don’t Choose Wrong!
14:57 Screen Color, Brightness, Contrast & Bleed.
15:44 Screen Response Time & Latency.
16:51 MUX Switch, Advanced Optimus & G-Sync?
17:10 Camera & Microphone Test.
17:26 3x Game Comparison (1080p & 1440p).
19:15 3DMark & Content Creation.
19:32 BIOS – Lots of Customization.
19:47 Excellent Linux Support.
20:06 Pricing, Availability & Laptop Deals.
21:32 Legion 7i (2024) Compared to Legion Slim 7i (2023 ).
21:57 The Best 16″ Gaming Laptop I’ve Tested up until now, But …
22:21 Legion 7i vs ASUS Zephyrus G16 Comparison Coming Soon!
22:39 Want More Performance? Examine This Laptop Instead.

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The Lenovo Legion 7i is the very best pc gaming laptop computer I’ve evaluated until now in 2024! This evaluation reveals you just how it boosts and changes upon in 2014’s Slim 7i – while obtaining less expensive.