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Notebook Faq: Checking Out Notebook Computers

Notebook Faq: Checking Out Notebook Computers

* What is a notebook?

A notebook is a lightweight, compact, portable computer, a little smaller than a laptop. However, they have the same features as laptops, like battery pack, disk drives and a pop-up display monitor.

*How is a notebook different from a laptop?

There is a big difference in a laptop and a notebook, especially in terms of physical appearance. Here are some of there differences:

– A laptop is much thicker than a notebook.

– A notebook can fit in a briefcase while most laptops cannot.

– Notebooks do not include CD-ROM or floppy diskette drives.

– Laptops have bigger screens and keyboards than notebooks.

– Laptops usually weigh two or three times more than notebooks.

* What is a desk book?

A desk book is a computer system that makes use of laptop technology in desktop components. It has some features similar to a laptop such as its being space-saving. A desk book is also known as a desk note.

* Can a notebook play DVDs?

With a mere touch of your fingers, you can now play a DVD using the latest features and innovations on your multimedia notebook. In fact, this is one reason why teens get hooked on recent brands of notebooks on the market. All you need to do is connect to a television and follow the instructions on the screen to play the DVD.

* Can a notebook burn CDs?

With the advent of the lightweight notebook, you can burn CDs. You just need to have the software that works with your CD Rewritable drive. You can visit the web for complete instructions about burning your own CDs.

*Can a notebook handle digital photo work?

Most notebooks have more than enough capacity to handle your digital photos. They may even offer the best quality for your photos with their realistic resolution. They can also offer you better detail in the smallest digital photo that you have.

* Can I play games on a notebook?

Definitely. Just like your traditional desktops and laptops, the notebook supports the latest games that can be played online. Regardless of your age, you can enjoy as many games as you wish with your own notebook.

* How much does a notebook computer cost?

The cost may vary from $700 to $3000, depending on the provider. The price may also change over time as new versions of notebooks are introduced.