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Refurbished Laptops Solve Money Problems For Students And Parents

Refurbished Laptops Solve Money Problems For Students And Parents

College students spend an enormous amount of money on day to day living and school expenses. Dorms, books, and food alone will cost parents thousands of dollars per semester. Finding places to cut costs can be difficult, but one major expense can be avoided. Laptop computers are very quickly becoming a necessity for any student, and they are costly. Finding a cheap laptop that will get the job done can save a great deal of money.

Many have found the answer in Refurbished Laptops. A refurbished laptop is one that has been returned to the manufacturer and has been restored to a “like new” state. Although the computer is not damaged, it can’t be sold as new so the price is slashed heavily. A $2000.00 laptop might be sold as a refurbished item for $900.00 and be no different that it’s new counterparts. This means that for less than half the cost, a powerful like new laptop can be purchased, and in many cases be placed under warranty in the same way a new laptops would. Almost every major computer manufacturer offers refurbished laptops including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell.

Once a refurbished manufacturer is chosen, the laptop specifics must be looked at to make sure the computer can get the job done. Students are looking for a laptop that is:

•Sturdy – Students are on the move, and their laptop will take some damage in its time. Make sure the computer is tough.

•Fast – The computer needs to keep up with the student so processor speed and memory is very important. These are not the two areas to cut cost.

•Light Weight – No one wants to carry a 50 pound boat anchor around in their already heavy book bag. Make sure the refurbished laptop is as portable as it needs to be.

•Wireless – The laptop should already be wirelessly enabled or have an open slot for a wireless card. Universities are becoming wireless hot spots and every student should be able to take advantage of this.

•Powered – Make sure that the life of the laptop battery is respectable, and purchase a rechargeable back-up so there is always battery power available.

There is more that should be considered of course, but most options will depend on the needs of the individual. One drawback of a refurbished laptop is that in most cases there is very little customization that can be done before the point of purchase. These computers are already built and ready to go so if you don’t like a particular option then you need to buy another laptop. This doesn’t mean that changes can’t be made by the user after purchase, but any further customization will cost additional money and the user needs to be proficient in making the upgrade.