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The Most Popular Gaming Laptops You Bought in 2023!

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Disclosure: Purchases made with shop web links over might give some settlement to Jarrod’sTech.

The statistics are additionally entirely callous any person that may have seen among our video clips after that acquired a laptop computer in shop. Or if the acquisition occurs greater than 24 hours after clicking a web link, it does not count to our offered information.

Our information just makes up the United States market, as that’s where the associate programs we belong to are based. The only exemption being the little XMG number, that lie in Europe.

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0:00 These are the Laptops You Bought in 2023!
0:16 Gaming Laptops by Model Year
0:46 Overall GPU Share
1:08 2023 Laptop GPUs Sold in 2023
2:02 2022 Laptop GPUs Sold in 2023
3:08 2021 Laptop GPUs Sold in 2023
3:40 Average Laptop GPU Price
5:04 Overall CPU Share
5:21 2023 Laptop CPUs Sold in 2023
6:34 2022 Laptop CPUs Sold in 2022
6:58 2021 Laptop CPUs Sold in 2023
7:14 Laptops Sold by Brand
7:46 Most Popular Lenovo Gaming Laptops
8:26 Most Popular ASUS Gaming Laptops
9:25 Most Popular Acer Gaming Laptops
10:13 Most Popular HP Gaming Laptops
10:42 Most Popular MSI Gaming Laptops
11:25 Most Popular Dell & Alienware Gaming Laptops
11:35 Most Popular Gigabyte & Aorus Gaming Laptops
11:45 Most Popular XMG Gaming Laptops
11:57 Most Popular Razer Gaming Laptops
12:24 The Key Takeaways
13:13 The Best Budget Gaming Laptops in 2023

These are all the video gaming laptop computers you men acquired in 2023! We can see which versions you locate and acquire out what CPUs and GPus are most preferred.

Conversation with me and the area in Discord and support the scenes video clips!

All information was gathered late October 2023. I assumed it would certainly work to share what every person has actually been getting and why prior to the Black Friday vacation sale duration, as opposed to wait till completion of the year for a total photo.

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